About Towergate Milton Keynes

Towergate Milton Keynes has a long and successful history built on the development of bespoke risk management and insurance solutions specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of a diverse client base.

Our expert team deals with a variety of complex risks, often requiring a great deal of technical input and creative thinking. This ensures that our clients receive appropriate risk management advice and insurance programmes covering a wide range of products, people and processes.

Supporting the Towergate Charitable Foundation

Towergate Charitable Foundation is a registered charity (charity number 1117359). Its purpose is to collect money raised by Towergate and distribute it amongst the charities we support. All Towergate Charitable Foundation costs are met by Towergate which has created a charity that is able to pass 100% of funds raised to the cause without deduction of administration expenses.

The four main charities we are currently supporting are:

To find out more about our charitable foundation visit the Towergate Charitable Foundation website.